Are you considering a short sale on your property?

We can help you …

  • avoid public foreclosure
  • qualify for a short sale
  • save your credit
  • have the ability to purchase a new home in as little as two years
  • eliminate 1099 C tax burdens you may incur from loss the mortgage company files
  • potentially eliminate 100% of the deficiency balance the lender may try to seek against you

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If you are looking to short sale your home, and you answer yes to any of the questions below, then contact us … we’re here to help! Dan Lorentz is one of the top short sale realtors in South Carolina. Read what clients have to say!

  • Do you have a financial hardship of any kind?
  • Have you been laid off or lost your job?
  • Are you being forced to relocate?
  • Are you behind on your mortgage payments?
  • Are you depleting all of your remaining assets attempting to hang onto a property and will soon put your family in a financial hardship?
  • Do your expenses exceed your income?
  • Has there been a change in your marital status?
  • Has there been a death of a spouse or significant other?
  • Do you have mounting medical bills from an accident or health problems?
  • Have you been declined for a loan modification?
  • Has your lender advised you to pursue a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure?
  • Do you owe more than your home is worth?

The #1 most important aspect of a short sale … selecting an agent with extensive experience in negotiating and brokering short sales. The experience my team has will save you money, time, and, most importantly, get your life back quickly.

In almost all cases where a short sale does not close successfully it is due to the agent not having the experience and knowledge necessary to negotiate with the lender and get the home closed. Do not use a friend, family or past agent who does not have extensive experience negotiating short sales and can prove that to you with closed sales.

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